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Working within the worlds of photo production and graphic design for the past nine years, my experience has taught me what I want out of a career – to enjoy and be proud of what I do. Art can often be thought of as an in-the-mood kind of hobby, but at least for me, anything and everything breathes artistry, from the smallest bit of copy to the largest billboard advertisement, to what people generally think "art" means as what goes in museums. Even digital advertisements can – and should – be just as thoughtful as a framed artwork. Now working as an Art Director for the past four years, I am highly experienced in Adobe Creative Suite, Graphic, Web, and Print Design, Photography, and Photo Production. My experiences and goals as a design professional cover the realms of both photo and design, and most of my experience has surrounded the fashion, music, and beauty industries. I have a Bachelor's degree in English and Film, Television, and Digital Media Studies from the UCLA, and I use my early experience in marketing and social media to create amazing campaigns through imagery and design. Being equally left and right-brained, I find solace in organization and keeping deadlines just as much as directing a photoshoot.

Throughout my life I have worn many hats - photographer, social media coordinator, stylist, illustrator, copywriter, e-commerce manager, production assistant, web designer, retoucher, graphic designer, and now most predominantly Art Director. Click below to see the highlights.

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